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Blinkierequests : Striving to Keep it Fun

Blinkie Requests
Posting Access:
Select Members , Moderated

This is a Blinkie Freebie
Requesting Community


To Join:

You must be a member of more than one LJ requesting communities.
You must have a real journal, at least two months old and somewhat active with friends and posts.
You must be at least 15.
We reserve the right to reject anyone we think would have a problem with the makers here.
Requests to join are moderated.

Member Rules:

Blinkies must be picked up within a week, unless you let the maker know you cannot do that.
Do not ask us to email your blinkies to you. If you cannot pick them up within 7 days you should not request.
Do not use adult icons when posting here.
Do not ask makers to reopen a freebie.
Do not save anything that was not made for you!
Please credit everything made for you here, the makers deserve credit for their hard work.
Do not rush makers.
Do not go into maker's personal journals to ask about anything concerning this community.
Follow basic blinkie requesting rules. If you do not know what they are then you should not join.
Any complaints about members from makers may lead to instant removal from the community.

Layout by newkidfan @ interlinea

Comm header by msninacat (graphics) and jennyfurrr03 (text)